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ASE15 trained for several years with great concentration "six pulse Sword"

Sybase Troika engine - ASE15 trained for several years with great concentration "six pulse Sword"

Sybase concentrated for several years to build enterprise-class database - Adaptive Server Enterprise15 (ASE15), with a large number of industry-leading data management technology, and to increase the number of powerful features, such as table partitioning, column encryption technology, with patented technology database query engine and the capacity for greater support, in terms of performance, availability, openness, ease of use, scalability, security, and other six areas, with an unparalleled advantage. Here, we delve into the details one by one known as ASE15 "Excalibur six pulse" of these properties is how to make the effective protection of enterprise data.

The performance of ASE

Recent surveys show that compared to similar products on the market, so that enterprises can use ASE's total cost of ownership (TCO) reduced 15-37%. This is because the Sybase database and efficient multi-thread architecture to provide a strong capacity and performance scalability. Multi-thread multi-process architecture of the structure than the switching is faster, uses less memory resources. For example, for the 1M memory, multi-thread technology to support 20 leads; and multi-process technology can only support 1 ~ 4 process. Thread scheduler to switch between only 100 to 200 CPU instructions, and the process will need to switch between the 1000 and 2000 instructions. Multi-thread technology, therefore the occupation and the scheduling of resources on the switching speed has a considerable edge applications fully meet the required throughput and response time. ASE can also configure the system produce multiple SMP engines, all engines even allow customers to connect distributed between. Engine to manage their disk access, for the increase in the number of users provides near-linear performance scalability.

The other database products, multi-core architecture, the process requires more resources, the provision of high-performance TPCC is through high-end hardware and get a lot of performance tuning, the practical application of the user does not have any reference value . CPU hardware in the same environment, its performance is far below the Sybase.

In addition, Sybase scalable lock escalation strategy has also greatly improved the ability of users concurrent access, Sybase ASE 11.9.2 version as early as on the introduction of a database row lock technology. And other database products, "never upgrade" a lock different strategy, Sybase can be used to upgrade the lock strategy is that the user can customize the lock escalation threshold, when the lock resource requirements exceed the prescribed threshold, the line lock can be automatically upgraded or page locks to table locks. Sybase row lock mechanism a more comprehensive and flexible, Sybase either can not be achieved by defining the threshold of a system to achieve "never upgrade" to ensure maximum concurrency; also be according to the system resources, specify the threshold automatically upgrade to avoid excessive resource consumption caused by the line lock system, slow or even crash occurred.

ASE availability

Availability is the most important one of the requirements. ASE mainly from four areas to ensure the system availability: (1) through dynamic reconfiguration, real-time database maintenance plan to reduce downtime; (2) the listening port number of the dynamic effective prevention Dos (Denial of Service) attacks; (3) by HA (high availability), SDC (Shared Disk Cluster) and other clustering technology to reduce failure as a result of unplanned host downtime; (4) the importance of data through the Mirror Activator to provide disaster recovery solutions.

Dynamic reconfiguration: dynamic configuration using ASE, can greatly reduce the server's unexpected downtime. In many cases, when the number of connections, such as users, the number of data lock, open the database configuration parameters like the number of necessary re-configuration, the database server needs to be restarted. ASE supports dynamic configuration of many system parameters without the need to reboot the system. To adapt to the changing e-business environment, the work load. This will not only improve availability, but also reduces the database maintenance and management costs.

Dynamic monitor: In ASE, the administrator can dynamically start, stop or check the system monitor. In this way, administrators do not need to restart the system, you can create a new listener or stop the existing listener. Through this feature, users can easily create system-increasing demand for more listeners, and to prevent Dos (Denial of Service) attacks, the malicious request was caused thousands of listeners when the paralysis of the system to achieve rapid recovery. And also allows system administrators to retain a non-release of the listener for its management purposes.

SDC Cluster Solution: Sybase HA SDC Cluster high availability and redundancy through the system means for the user enterprise applications, information processing to provide reliable, timely, continuous monitoring and protection, construct a continuous and stable, not stop computing operating environment to provide uninterrupted service with foreign countries. When Sybase SDC cluster system of any one machine fails, the business system can be quickly switched to other servers in the cluster. To maintain the continuous availability of business systems. Important operating services can also be spread over multiple servers to improve efficiency, enhance responsiveness and to achieve load balancing.

Mirror Activator disaster recovery plan: With the implementation of data centralization, enterprise data center technology risk is relatively concentrated. Once the data center disaster, will result in all branches of business, business outlets and halt all business processes, two computers can not prevent the disaster caused by the business and data loss. If you have caused the loss of important data customers, the consequences even more dreadful. For those who rely on the data of the enterprises, but also does not allow any IT system interruption. Even a few minutes of downtime, the adverse impact it is extremely huge. In addition to these basic business requirements, many companies must comply with the access to critical applications and data of the government or industry regulations, it is necessary to ensure transaction integrity.

ASE's openness

Today's users have to consider in the choice of database performance, price and other factors, the system's flexibility is also opening up the user's primary concern. As many users have different conditions prevailing in the structure of multiple applications on different databases on the status of the system. Therefore, the user wants to open the database products and scalability to ensure integration with existing systems.

For users with high-performance enterprise-class database, the premise of ASE, Sybase also provides Enterprise Connect Data Access, Data Integration Suite, and other interconnect integrated products. Sybase's solution is to ensure that the original system, based on the original system and the integrity of existing systems combine to form a complete solution, makes the user's entire system is put into the smallest, least risk, highest efficiency The premise of the program completed the integration of the entire database.

Other database products available today are through the provision of basic closed One-Product-for-All database system, forcing users to use all of its solutions. In addition to the core databases, the tools products are highly closed. Use of such products means that customers may have to give up some of the previous investment also means that the future will not have other choices.

Even if the same data integration and sharing, each user's demand is not exactly the same. If some users are only asking to see data from other systems can, and do not need other people's data is moved to its own business systems; and some user requirements must concern themselves and save their data transmission system ; and even data transfer, and some user requirements to ensure the accuracy of the data transmission process does not allow any changes, and some user requirements can not simply pass over, the conversion must be cleaned. Adhering to the "broken down" principle, the different integration needs for the users, Sybase offers a variety of data sharing and integration solutions.

ASE's ease of use

Flexibility, ease of use has always been the advantage of ASE, which is ASE users in the lower total cost of ownership (TCO) has been far ahead of reasons.

Flexible database maintenance and backup: ASE offers a variety of database maintenance and backup technologies, such as: automatic database space management, efficient cross-platform online backup and compress the database backup and recovery has greatly enhanced the efficiency of the DBA.

Flexible data transmission: a database that can be transmitted through, DBA can now use the MOUNT / UNMOUNT command quickly the entire database from one server fast-moving / copying to another server, thereby reducing project development, marketing and daily management of large-scale databases maintenance workload.

Extensive performance monitoring and management tools: Sybase provides easy to use integrated GUI management tools Sybase Central, to help manage users, copy the environment, security and storage; users can use Sybase's leading integrated enterprise application analysis and design tool PowerDesigner meet all the business, the demand for data and object modeling; database design and development tools for the large number of Sybase WorkSpace Server provides a unified design and development environment; BradMark's Surveillance DB for the Sybase ASE database activity and provides detailed, real-time performance view (view); interactive SQL tool interface more friendly and easy to use; ASE Job Scheduler Job Scheduler not only to achieve usually contains all the features, it also involves a number of other important functions, such as database management and self-tuning , and it can automatically perform different daily tasks to improve system productivity.

ASE scalability

Functional extensions: Sybase for different user needs adaptive products, and seamless compatibility API for all products, all products support Sybase's common API, to ensure the application of the platform migration.

Distributed Processing: Sybase ASE is a flexible and powerful distributed processing capabilities. Sybase released in 1993, the world's first data replication and synchronization product - replication server, its transaction-based replication mechanism followed by other database vendors, including Oracle, MS SQL Server, IBM and so on. This log-based replication technology to monitor the distribution and complete copy to ensure data integrity. Moreover, the single-process multi-thread the Replication Server core structure, makes it suitable for high-performance enterprise applications. In addition, Sybase's replication is not limited to homogeneous environments, and, in ECDA with such heterogeneous access module, you can achieve from DB2, Oracle, MS SQL Server, ODBC databases, and Lotus Notes-way to copy the data. Replication Server (Replication Server) to support the replication of data in distributed environment. Replication Server into official use of these years, a number of client applications in the world system proved its high reliability and high availability.

Whether in multiple heterogeneous databases interoperability mixed environment, or Sybase database transaction across multiple synergies, ASE through the use of industry standard X / Open XA interface standards or the Microsoft DTC standards to ensure distributed transaction integrity . ASE's internal efficiency of the transaction manager (Transaction Manager) can support high-throughput distributed transaction.

Multiprocessor Parallel Processing: In order to reduce unplanned downtime, ASE support server high availability (HA). In a two-node cluster setup, two servers are symmetrical, as partners (Companion) servers, which are shared between the SCSI or fibre-channel disk, the two servers back up each other, when one server is shut down unexpectedly , all users connected to the server to automatically connect to another server, when the server returned to normal after the original connection automatically links the user back to the original database. Normal in the two servers, the user can access any server. ASE provides the user with a continuously available solution, ensuring the user database is always available.

HA in the two-machine basis, Sybase ASE15 further enhance the environment for multi-machine cluster support. In ASE15.X SDC environment, all machines are connected in a shared disk array, and a high-speed internal network. And as a single unified database system to provide data management and access of external services, users establish a database connection, do not need to specify to connect to an instance. When any problem occurs on one machine can be applied quickly to switch to other servers, to ensure efficient and available throughout the system.

ASE Security

As a leading supplier of database software, Sybase has been struggling to get their products comply with the U.S. government to develop safety provisions, particularly the United States Department of Defense standard "Beige Book" DOD5200.28-STD in the "Terms and reliable evaluation of computer systems" and "reliable database of interpretation "requirement, is also consistent with U.S. computer (NCSC) C2-class standards and military B1 standard. As the Sybase database products is very safe, it has served as a U.S. Department of Defense, Navy, Air Force, FBI and other agencies of the standard database products.

In the original line-level access control, CA based on the safety certification, ASE15 more added in line-level access control, password backup and recovery, column encryption technology, and Oracle different, ASE of each column have the option to encrypt an independent the Key, so you can strictly limit each user to decrypt the data on the different rights.

To improve data security while strong, Sybase with professional security companies to maintain a good cooperation, the report of the security personnel to repair security vulnerabilities in a timely manner, the common and reduce the security risk.

In summary, it is because ASE15 with a large number of industry-leading data management technology, and to increase the number of powerful features, such as table partitioning, column encryption technology, with patented technology, the database query engine and the larger capacity support, making ASE15 can end, the overall environment of integrated, comprehensive treatment information from clients, the full and effective protection of corporate data, while providing the highest data integrity and data flow to meet the needs of the most advanced intelligent systems for transaction processing. ASE15 not only provides much needed in today's enterprise data management capabilities also ensure the business strategy of flexible decision-making and the business environment in the critical core of creativity.

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